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15 ratios exam question

Unit 4.2 Ratios
The problem

Talil is going to make some concrete mix.He needs to mix cement ,sand and gravel in the  ratio 1:3:5 by weight.

Talil wants to make   180Kg of concrete mix.

Talil has

15Kg of cement

85Kg of sand

100Kg of gravel.

Does Talil have enough cement , sand and gravel to make the concrete mix?

The solution

1:3:5 =9(1+3+5)  1809 =20

 cement : 1x20=20

 Sand : 3x20=60

gravel : 5x20=100

No he doesn't have enough cement as he needs 20kg  and he has only 15kg.



Ruhi Quadri Published on 05 Nov 2020
Guest User