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15 Fractions

Unit 4.1 Fractions
The problem

In an engineering factory, the production line takes up  23  of the floor area.

Out of the remaining floor area ,a total of 35  is taken up by the office space and the canteen.

The rest is warehouse space.

The warehouse space occupies 2000 m2.

Work out the floor area of the production line.

The solution


Solution: Let the floor area be x m2.Production line = x -2x3 =x3Total area of office space and canteen is given as 35  out of remaining area                                                  35 (x3) = x5Warehouse space = x3-x5= 5x-3x15 = 2x15 2x15 = 2000 m2 x = 15000Production line = 2x3= 2 x 150003= 2 x 5000 = 10,000m2 .






sameena parveen Published on 07 Nov 2020
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